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The Advantages of Steel Hydraulic Hose Joints
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The adapter unions refer threaded pipe adapters, it is one of the most common type of China hydraulic fittings in industries and daily lives.

Advantages of brass adapter unions

1. The adapter union has high strength and good ductility, that can fully play the strength and ductility of reinforcing bars.

2. The adapter union is easy to connect, the operate process will be simple and fast.

3. The detection is convenient and intuitive.

4. It is prefabricated for reinforcement processing threads, and the China ferrules can be factory production, which is time-saving and with high processing efficiency.

5. No needs of electricity and gas, no fire operations, no oil leak or other pollution in the connection of pipes, don’t take weather factors into account, it supports all-weather construction.

6. Having a good applicability, it is operable in a narrow field of reinforced structures, also able to connect the horizontal, vertical, oblique steel pipes of diameters or different diameters.