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Pay attention to the installation of various hydraulic components
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(1) All hydraulic components, China hydraulic adapters must through pressure and seal tests, those qualified products can be applied. Before the installation, to check those various automatic control instruments, so as to avoid faulty operation.  

(2) When in the installation of valves, pay attention to its inlet and return port positions. The screw can not be screwed too tight if using a China hydraulic flange to seal the valve components or alike, over fastening sometimes can cause bad seal.

(3) It should be solid and reliable when installing hydraulic cylinders, in order to prevent the thermal expansion, when the stroke is large and the temperature is high, the cylinder must remain floating at one end. Do not tighten the seal of the hydraulic cylinder, especially the U-ring, so as to avoid excessive resistance.

(4) Hydraulic pump transmission shaft and the motor drive shaft having the different shaft deviation that should be less than 0.1mm, the flange joints, generally adopt of flexible coupling connection. Don’t allow the tape directly to drive the pump shaft, so to prevent the pump shaft suffering by too large radial force, affecting the normal operation of the pump.

(5) When installing the hydraulic pump, the rotation direction, the inlet and outlet ports shall meet the technical requirements.

(6) Various types of hydraulic pump have the suction height of less than 0.5mm.