We specialize in SAE/BSP/METRIC hydraulic adapters and fittings.

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Our Advantage

Professional Hydraulic Adapter Manufacturer

We have always followed the standardization rules for a rigorous production process, saving time and cost for both parties and bringing maximum benefits to you.

We have complete production line including 400 sets CNC machines and 200 sets automatic CNC machines. Testing equipments including pressure test bench, salt spray test machine, projector, and ect.
We have our own sales team to provide 24 hours service. Professional engineer team welcome OEM projects. Our ERP system can implement the order in the first time, and help to trace the process, retrieve purchase data.
We’re certificated by IS0 9001:2015.
All the products produced by automatic CNC machines, so the pricing will be quite competitive.
Since 2004, NJ has provided company with the highest-quality, critical fluid equipment components. We’ve expanded our offering to more than 20,000 styles and sizes of hydraulic adapters and fittings. Stock orders will be delivered within 15 working days. All NJ products are manufactured to the Industry standards, meeting SAE/BSP/METRIC and International specifications. We control our own manufacturing, so if you’re in need of a custom solution, the engineering team can help with anything from altering a standard to developing a prototype.
With excellent quality, first-class service, honest business.
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25000+ stock of hydraulic adapters and fittings
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20GP delivery in 15 days
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OEM/ODM accept
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Services we provide
We provide a one-stop service integrating design, measurement, production, packaging, delivery, and after-sales service.
With excellent quality, first-class service, honest business.
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   The production process as bellow:
Raw material checking - Machining in CNC and Automatic CNC machine - Inspect the semi-finished products - Checking the finished products - Do zinc plating - The products will be made inspection after zinc plating - Packing
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Whether you have an emergency or an ongoing need, send us an email. We deliver the fittings you want, along with the quality, service and competitive price you deserve.
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Founded In 2004

Founded in 2004, NingBo NJ Hydraulic Adapter Co., Ltd specializes in manufacturing hydraulic fittings, adapters, ferrules, flanges, ect and sell to worldwide.

Our history of collaboration with our customers for specially designed hydraulic applications, has established NJ as an industry-preferred source for customer-specific manufactured adapters. 

   Our products meet ASTM/BRITISH/SAE/DIN/EATON standards.
   Offer 2-3 pieces free samples within 3-7 working days.
Blog & Article
Hydraulic systems are the backbone of numerous industrial applications, ensuring efficient power transmission and control. At the heart of these systems lie hydraulic hose fittings, vital components that connect hoses to various hydraulic components. Among these fittings, reusable hydraulic hose fittings stand out for their versatility and cost-effectiveness. In this guide, we will delve into the intricacies of reusable hydraulic hose fittings, exploring their types, characteristics, applications, installation procedures, precautions, repair methods, and the advantages offered by leading providers like NJ.
2024 06 14
Hydraulic hose fitting is a kind of sealed connection that is widely used in hydraulic systems. The main function of hydraulic hose fittings is to form a detachable connection between the hydraulic hose and the equipment, so as to realize the transmission and control of liquids. In the process of using the hydraulic system, sometimes it is necessary to disassemble the hydraulic hose fitting for maintenance or replacement, and the following describes the disassembly method and precautions of the hydraulic hose fitting.
2024 06 07
The core of hydraulic system is an important component of hydraulic fittings, used to connect hydraulic pipelines and control the flow, pressure, and direction of hydraulic systems. In hydraulic systems, it plays a role in connecting different components and is an important medium for connecting various pipeline components such as seals, elastic diaphragms, valves, etc. The quality and performance of hydraulic fittings directly affect the stability and service life of hydraulic pipelines.
2024 05 22
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