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What is Metric 24 degree cone hydraulic adapter


The metric 24 degree hydraulic adapters usually refers to a hydraulic adapters and fittings designed in a conical shape with metric dimensions and 24 degree angles. This type of hydraulic adapter is commonly found in some international standards, among which the most typical are the German standards DIN 2353 and ISO 8434-1.

The following are the characteristics and applications of some metric 24 degree hydraulic adapters and fittings.

Design features:


The metric 24 degree hydraulic adapters and fittings has multiple specifications and types, which are usually defined according to international or industry standards. The following are some common specifications and types of metric 24 degree hydraulic adapters and fittings:


JIS B2351 standard: The Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS) define the specifications for some 24 degree tapered hydraulic adapters including different sizes and connection types.


ISO 8434-1 standard: The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has issued a standard for hydraulic adapters, in which ISO 8434-1 specifies the dimensions and performance requirements for 24 degree conical thread hydraulic adapters and fitting.


DIN 2353 standard: The German Industrial Standard (DIN) defines hydraulic pipe fittings and flanges, which include a 24 degree conical design.


METRIC series: Some manufacturers may provide metric 24 degree hydraulic fittings according to the METRIC series, which include different sizes, shapes, and connection types.


Different connection types: The metric 24 degree hydraulic connector can have different connection types, such as threaded connection, flange connection, insertion connection, etc., to meet different hydraulic system requirements.


These specifications and types cover different sizes, pressure levels, and applications. When selecting a metric 24 degree hydraulic adapters and fitting, it is recommended to refer to specific standards, manufacturer's technical specifications, and hydraulic system requirements to ensure correct selection and installation.

DIN 2353 and ISO 8434-1 are two main standards related to metric 24 degree hydraulic adapters and fittings which define the dimensions, performance, and application areas of these adapters. The following are their main application areas:

DIN 2353 standard:


Application field: The DIN 2353 standard is mainly applicable to pipe fittings and flanges in hydraulic systems. This includes the connection of hydraulic pipelines, pipes, and flanges, which use a 24 degree tapered thread design.


Features: DIN 2353 standard hydraulic adapter usually have the characteristics of German industrial standards and comply with DIN requirements. These adapters are widely used in hydraulic systems and provide a reliable connection method.

ISO 8434-1 standard:


Application field: The ISO 8434-1 standard is applicable to metal pipe fitting, pipes, and flanges, which use a 24 degree tapered thread design. It is an international standard suitable for hydraulic and pneumatic systems.


Features: The adapters of ISO 8434-1 standard have international standardization characteristics, ensuring compatibility between products from different countries and manufacturers. This has led to the widespread application of ISO 8434-1 standard joints worldwide.


Both standards cover hydraulic adapters and fitting designed with 24 degree tapered threads, and their application areas mainly include pipeline connections in hydraulic systems. When selecting and using these adapters, it is usually necessary to make appropriate choices based on specific system requirements, standard specifications, and manufacturer recommendations.

Which country use 24 degree hydraulic adapters


The metric 24 degree hydraulic connector is a hydraulic connector that meets specific standards and is commonly used for piping connections in hydraulic systems. This type of adapters is internationally standardized and therefore suitable for multiple countries and regions. The main applicable countries and regions include:


European countries: The metric 24 degree hydraulic adapters meets international standards and is therefore widely used in European countries.


Asian countries: This type of hydraulic adapter is also very common in Asian countries, including Japan, China, South Korea, etc.


North America: Metric 24 degree hydraulic connectors are also common hydraulic connectors in North America, especially in the United States and Canada.

The advantage of 24 degree hydraulic adapter

The metric 24 degree angle adapters has some advantages in hydraulic systems, making it a common and reliable connection solution. The following are some advantages of the metric 24 degree angle joint:


Larger connection surface:


The 24 degree angle design provides a larger connection surface, which helps to increase the stability of the connection. A larger surface helps to disperse the pressure at the connection and improve the pressure resistance of the joint.


Good sealing performance:


The conical design and 24 degree angle make the metric 24 degree angle adapters have good sealing performance. This is crucial for the normal operation of hydraulic systems, as it can prevent liquid leakage, especially in high-pressure hydraulic systems.


Easy to connect and disconnect:


The metric 24 degree angle adapter adopts threaded connection, making it easy to connect and disconnect in hydraulic systems. This helps to maintain and replace hydraulic components in the system, reducing downtime.


Widely used:


Due to its superior performance and standardized design, metric 24 degree angle adapters and fittings are widely used in various hydraulic systems, including industrial, mechanical, automotive, aerospace and other fields. Its widespread application makes it a universal hydraulic connection solution.


Adapt to high-pressure environments:


The design of the metric 24 degree angle adapter and fittings makes it suitable for the working environment of high-pressure hydraulic systems. Under high pressure conditions, these adapters can maintain the stability and reliability of the connection.

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