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What are the six major factors to consider when choosing a hydraulic fitting?


1、 Work pressure

The working pressure of hydraulic systems is often high, so when selecting hydraulic joints, their pressure bearing capacity needs to be considered. Usually, the pressure bearing capacity of hydraulic joints should be slightly higher than the working pressure of hydraulic systems. For example, if the working pressure of the hydraulic system is 20XMPa, the pressure bearing capacity of the selected hydraulic joint should be around 25XMPa.


2、Flow rate 

The flow rate of hydraulic joints should generally be large to ensure smooth flow of fluid in the hydraulic system. If a hydraulic joint with too low flow rate is selected, it will increase the fluid resistance of the system and affect the working efficiency of the hydraulic system.


3、 Connection method

There are many ways to connect hydraulic joints, such as threaded connections, flange connections, sleeve connections, etc. When selecting a hydraulic joint, it is necessary to consider its suitable pipeline connection method to ensure the firmness and sealing of the connection.


4、 Material

The material of hydraulic joints is generally made of high-quality stainless steel or carbon steel to ensure their wear resistance and corrosion resistance. When selecting hydraulic joints, it is necessary to consider their working environment and choose materials suitable for that environment to extend the service life of the hydraulic joints.

5、 Structural form

The structural form of hydraulic joints is also one of the factors to consider when selecting hydraulic joints. At present, there are various types of hydraulic joint structures in the market, such as single strand shaft, double strand shaft, ball head shape, etc. These structural forms are suitable for different working environments and conditions, and need to be selected according to the actual situation.


6、 Sealing performance

The sealing performance of hydraulic joints is also an important factor to consider when selecting hydraulic joints. The sealing performance of hydraulic joints directly affects the efficiency and safety of hydraulic systems. When selecting hydraulic joints, attention should be paid to their sealing and ensure that they do not leak or leak.

The selection of hydraulic joints requires comprehensive consideration of the above factors to ensure the normal operation and safety stability of the hydraulic system. Meanwhile, in practical applications, attention should also be paid to the maintenance and upkeep of hydraulic joints to ensure their long-term stable operation.

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