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What Does SAE Stand For In Hydraulic Fittings


With the rapid development of engineering technology, hydraulic systems play a crucial role in various industries. In hydraulic systems, hydraulic fittings are an indispensable component, and the SAE standards among them are widely applied in the global market, especially in North America, South America, Europe, Oceania, etc.

1. Origin of SAE

SAE, the Society of Automotive Engineers, was established in 1905 as an international professional engineering organization. SAE is dedicated to advancing science and technology in the automotive and aerospace industries, aiming to promote collaboration and communication in related fields. Therefore, SAE standards have widespread applications in engineering fields such as automotive and aerospace.

2. Application of SAE Standards in Hydraulic Fittings

In hydraulic systems, hydraulic fittings play a crucial role in transmitting hydraulic power. To ensure interoperability and compatibility among hydraulic equipment produced by different manufacturers, SAE has established a series of hydraulic fitting standards. These standards cover thread attributes, dimensions, shapes, connection methods, providing benchmarks for the design and maintenance of the entire hydraulic system.

NJ offers various types of SAE hydraulic fittings:

SAE J514 O-Ring Boss (ORB) Threads: O-Ring Boss threads, with O-ring seals perpendicular to the axial direction, are suitable for portless hydraulic systems. They are applied in industries such as automotive manufacturing, construction machinery, and agricultural equipment, as seen in international standard models like 4604-O, 6400-O, 6401-O, 6402-O, 6408-O, 6408-HHP-O, 6410-O, 6464-O.

SAE J1926/ISO 11926-1 UN/UNF Threads: UN threads, a unified thread suitable for hydraulic and pneumatic systems, and UNF for fine threads, find applications in aerospace, construction machinery, and ships, widely used in high-pressure hydraulic systems.

SAE J518 Split Flange Threads: Flange threads are used for connecting flanges in hydraulic systems, providing sealing performance. These are applied in flange connections in heavy machinery and ship hydraulic systems.

SAE JIC Threads (37-Degree Angle): JIC threads with a 37-degree cone offer excellent sealing. They are used in industrial hydraulic systems, aerospace equipment, and military applications, commonly found in hydraulic hose and fitting connections, e.g., 2403, 2404, 2405, 2406, 2408, 2500, 2501, 2502, 2503, 2504, 2505, 2601, 2602, 2603, 2650.

SAE J543 Tube Threads: Used for pipe connections with cutting-type seals, they are applied in the petroleum and natural gas industry, chemical plants, suitable for high-sealing hydraulic systems.

SAE J518 Split Flange Flat Weld Threads: Used for flange connections through flat welding for scenarios requiring flange connections in hydraulic systems, commonly found in industrial equipment.

SAE J512 Threaded Washer Connections: Providing sealing through threaded washers, these are applied in automotive manufacturing, ships, agricultural equipment, suitable for low-pressure hydraulic systems.

3.NJ's Global Impact with SAE Hydraulic Fittings

While SAE originated in the United States, its standards have gained widespread acceptance and adoption globally. NJ, from its inception, has been adhering to SAE standards for hydraulic fittings. Over nearly 20 years’ production and sales, our SAE hydraulic fittings have found extensive applications in major industries worldwide, including machinery manufacturing, aerospace, and engineering machinery. SAE hydraulic fittings from NJ have become a bridge connecting hydraulic engineering equipment suppliers and hydraulic fittings wholesalers around the world.

In the world of hydraulic fittings, SAE is not merely an acronym but represents a global standard system that provides a framework for the design, manufacturing, and maintenance of hydraulic systems. Through a deep understanding of the origin, standards, and specific applications of SAE, we gain a better comprehension of what SAE signifies in hydraulic fittings and its significance in hydraulic engineering. This understanding not only assists engineers in making informed choices for hydraulic fittings but also propels continuous innovation and development in global hydraulic technology.

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