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What is American NPT thread?


Introduction to American NPT threads

American NPT thread is a very common and practical thread specification, which is widely used in various industries and fields, including mechanical manufacturing, construction engineering, automation control, and so on. The full name of NPT thread is National Pipe Thread, which is a thread standard developed by the United States National Standard.

The characteristic of American NPT threads is that the thread angle is 60 degrees, and the arc radii of the tooth peaks and valleys are not equal. This creates a three-point intersection at the connection, forming a sealing ring during tightening, effectively avoiding leakage problems. Meanwhile, NPT threads are suitable for different types of pipes, including materials such as iron, steel, copper, brass, etc.

The three major advantages of NPT threads:

1.The installation of NPT threads is very simple, only requiring a wrench or wrench tube to complete. Compared with other types of threads, NPT threads do not require excessive processing and adjustment, making installation and maintenance more convenient and efficient.

2. American NPT threads have good sealing performance and can effectively prevent leakage. Because NPT threads are conical threads that can create a very solid seal by compressing the mounting components, this design makes NPT threads particularly suitable for gas and liquid transmission applications.

3. American NPT threads also have excellent corrosion resistance. Due to the reasonable taper of the thread and good sealing effect, it can effectively reduce the damage of corrosive media to the thread and extend the service life of the equipment.

Application fields of NPT threads

NPT threads are widely used in the fields of aviation, machinery, petrochemicals, water treatment, and manufacturing. They are commonly used to connect parts such as pipes and valves, and they can also be used to connect other mechanical parts. In addition, NPT threads are also used to connect pipelines such as oil, water, and gas to ensure the tightness and stability of the system.

About our factory's American made NPT threaded products

1.20 years of experience in the production and sales of American made NPT threads

2. Complete in size and support customization of drawings.

3.Efficient production of 200 fully automatic CNC equipment

4. We have professional engineers and sales personnel to serve you 



American NPT threads are widely used in manufacturing around the world, in various mechanical parts and systems, and are actually a very reliable and stable thread structure. If you are looking for a safe, reliable, and suitable thread design for many applications, American NPT threads are your best choice.

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