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What is hydraulic fitting


The core of hydraulic system is an important component of hydraulic fittings, used to connect hydraulic pipelines and control the flow, pressure, and direction of hydraulic systems. In hydraulic systems, it plays a role in connecting different components and is an important medium for connecting various pipeline components such as seals, elastic diaphragms, valves, etc. The quality and performance of hydraulic fittings directly affect the stability and service life of hydraulic pipelines.

The core of hydraulic fittings is made of materials such as stainless steel and carbon steel, and is processed through multiple processes such as high pressure and high temperature. These materials can withstand pressure, resist corrosion, and wear under external conditions, thereby delaying the service life of hydraulic fittings.

In hydraulic systems, there are many types of core threads, and different types of threads are suitable for different pipe connection methods and working environments.

The thread of hydraulic fitting

The most common ones are internationally recognized NPT threads and Metric threads, which have the advantages of high standardization and wide applicability, and are widely used in hydraulic pipeline connections. In addition, there are American standard threads, imperial threads, German threads, and so on, all of which have their unique advantages and applicability.

When selecting the core thread of hydraulic fittings, multiple factors such as actual working conditions, pipeline materials, and pipe connection methods need to be comprehensively considered. Choosing the appropriate type of thread can effectively improve the efficiency and safety of hydraulic systems.

In summary, there are various types of core threads for hydraulic fittings, each with its unique advantages and applicability. In engineering applications, it is necessary to comprehensively consider various factors and choose the appropriate type of thread to ensure the efficiency and safety of hydraulic systems.

The type of hydraulic fitting

Hydraulic fittings can be divided into three types based on their shape and function, namely through type, elbow type, and branch type. Hydraulic fittings with straight core channels are used to connect systems that transmit fluid in the forward direction, such as hydraulic oil pipelines; The elbow type hydraulic pipe core is suitable for connecting to specific angles on site, such as pipelines at pressure measuring points, etc; Branch type hydraulic pipe fittings are used to connect different fluid pipelines, achieving functions such as fluid branching, gathering, and conversion.

Hydraulic fittings have the advantages of convenient construction, low cost, and easy maintenance, and are widely used in mechanical equipment, aerospace, construction engineering, petrochemical, chemical, metallurgical and other fields, becoming important hydraulic transmission components. In addition, the design and research and development of hydraulic fittings are constantly being promoted to meet market demand and create greater value.

What is hydraulic fitting 1

The common application scenarios are as follows:

1. Industrial production: Hydraulic fittings can be widely used as hydraulic equipment accessories in various industrial production processes, such as machine tools, sheet metal processing equipment, casting equipment, etc.

2. Civil engineering: Hydraulic fittings can be applied to various civil engineering equipment, such as concrete pump trucks, construction cranes, bridge construction machinery, etc.

3. Agricultural machinery: Hydraulic fittings can be widely used in various agricultural machinery, such as tractors, combine harvesters, irrigation equipment, etc.

4. Mining equipment: Hydraulic fittings can also be used in various mining equipment, such as tunneling machines, mining cranes, mining machines, etc.

Hydraulic fittings have specific requirements during use, such as:

1. High quality requirements: The core of hydraulic  fittings needs to withstand high strength, high pressure, and high speed working environments, so their quality requirements are very high.

2. Good sealing requirements: The pipe interface of the hydraulic fitting core needs to have good sealing to ensure no leakage under high pressure.

3. Good corrosion resistance: The core of hydraulic fittings needs to be able to work in various corrosive environments, such as chemical, acidic, alkaline, etc.

To ensure the quality and performance of hydraulic fittings, it is necessary to pay attention to the following points:

1. Select high-quality materials to ensure the durability of the pipe core;

2. The manufacturing process must strictly follow the established process requirements to ensure the accuracy of the pipe core;

3. The quality inspection process is essential to check whether the materials and processes meet the requirements and ensure the quality of the pipe core;

4.Reasonable storage and use to ensure the service life of the pipe core.

In the application of hydraulic systems, the importance of hydraulic fittings cannot be ignored. Having high-quality and high-performance hydraulic pipe cores can help improve the operational efficiency, stability, and reliability of hydraulic transmission systems, as well as bring more economic and social benefits. Therefore, we should recognize the importance of hydraulic fittings and start from ourselves, taking care of and using them carefully. This can not only improve the performance and lifespan of hydraulic systems, but also bring greater assistance to our production and daily life.

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