We specialize in SAE/BSP/METRIC hydraulic adapters and fittings.

Where to Buy Hydraulic Fittings ?


Hydraulic fittings, as crucial components in hydraulic systems, directly impact the performance and stability of equipment.

Then, where to buy high-quality hydraulic fittings ?

1.Factories Specializing in Hydraulic fitting Production

Firstly, factories specializing in the production of hydraulic fittings are the preferred choice for purchasing. These factories typically possess extensive experience and professional knowledge, offering comprehensive hydraulic solutions. Finding suitable suppliers can be achieved through online searches, industry exhibitions, or seeking recommendations from peers. Professional suppliers usually provide a diverse range of hydraulic fittings in various types and specifications, along with the capability to offer customized solutions to meet specific requirements.

2.Online Marketplaces and E-commerce Platforms

With the evolution of the internet, many hydraulic fittings suppliers have established their own online stores or sell products on well-known e-commerce platforms. Through online marketplaces, you can conveniently browse various models, specifications, and prices of hydraulic adapter fittings. Before making a purchase, ensure to check customer reviews and product descriptions to ensure that the chosen hydraulic fittings meet your specific needs.

3.Local Industrial Markets

In certain industrial clusters, there are specialized industrial markets or hydraulic component markets. In these markets, you can engage directly with suppliers, gaining a better understanding of product performance and features. Additionally, prices in local markets may be more competitive, and you can stay informed about the latest product information in real-time.

NJ - Your Best Choice for Hydraulic Fittings

NJ, established in 2004, stands as a leading enterprise in Zhejiang for hydraulic fittings. With a history of 20 years, we are a production-oriented enterprise with a workshop area of 20,000 square meters, 335 fully automated CNC machines, and a warehouse area of 15,000 square meters. As of today, we offer more than 25,000 types of hydraulic adapter fittings, with a stock inventory of 25 million pieces. In 2021, our total sales revenue reached 1 billion, and in 2022, it reached 1.2 billion, with 70% being export sales and 30% domestic sales.

We specialize in a complete range and full-size series of sae hydraulic fittings, british hydraulic fittings and metric hydraulic hose fittings. With competitive prices, prompt delivery, and timely post-sales services, we have won the favor of global customers, especially those from the United States, Canada, Australia, and Europe.

For our hydraulic fittings, we exert comprehensive control from establishing a quality management system, formulating quality control plans, monitoring and inspecting quality, to feedback and continuous improvement. We firmly believe that only through a well-established quality management system and stringent quality control can we ensure the stability and reliability of hydraulic fittings.

Whether you are seeking diverse choices or professional technical support, NJ can provide you with the most suitable high-quality hydraulic fittings.

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