We specialize in SAE/BSP/METRIC hydraulic adapters and fittings.

How to measure the hydraulic fittings.


Measuring hydraulic fittings accurately and fit and function properly in a hydraulic system. Here is several steps for your checking.

1.Thread Type and Size:

The most critical measurement for hydraulic fittings is the thread type and size. The Thread include JIC, NPT, BSP, METRIC. NJ adapters keep the stock of the whole series of the hydraulic adapters and fittings.

2.Fitting OD:

Measure the outer diameter (OD) of the fitting's tubing or hose end that will connect to the fitting. This measurement helps you choose the correct size fitting to ensure a proper seal.

3.Fitting length:

Measure the length of the hydraulic fitting from top to end. This measurement ensures that the fitting fits properly in the system without any problem

4.Fitting Angle :

Ref fitting angle, such as 45-degree or 90-degree elbow fittings, measure the angle accurately. This is crucial for ensuring the proper orientation of the fitting in the hydraulic system.

5.Internal Diameter:

For fittings with internal flow passages, measure the internal diameter (ID) to ensure it matches the required flow capacity of your hydraulic system.

6. Checking Seal Type:

The sealing method used in the fitting, such as O-ring, flat face, or cone seat. Ensure that the seal type matches the requirements of your hydraulic system and will avoid leak problem

7.Checking Material and Pressure Rating:

Check the material composition of the hydraulic fitting and its pressure rating. Ensure that the material is compatible with the fluids used in your hydraulic system and that the pressure rating meets or exceeds your system's requirements. Usually making the adapters that material is 45# steel and ferrule is 20# steel. 45# and 20# is high strength, Good machinablity, Durability .

The pressure rating is checked by the pressure machine.

8.Visual Inspection:

When the fittings finished zinc plating . The products need to have visual inspection. Such as surface for the zinc plating. Damage, or Burr inside of the products. 

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