We specialize in SAE/BSP/METRIC hydraulic adapters and fittings.

Hydraulic Fitting For OEM Of Worldwide Customers


NJ Hydraulic Adapter is a professional manufacturer of hydraulic fittings and adapters,flange,ferrule with over 20 years of experience in the industry. We offer OEM and ODM service with any related products for customers. Our company has become a trusted name in the industry due to our dedication to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

• We will send samples to the customer based on the tube O.D., thread type and specifications,  sealing forms or based on the drawings provided by the customer.Our all samples which send to customers is packed with reusable bag and labeled the sticker which all details show on the sticker.

Hydraulic Fitting For OEM Of Worldwide Customers 1

• After receiving the samples, customers will arrange the Salt spray test, blasting test & oil leakage test,After all test is passed,they will confirm that this product can be purchased,we also can arrange second sampling if the customer requirements designated tube O.D., thread type and specifications, galvanized thickness, and logo laser.

Hydraulic Fitting For OEM Of Worldwide Customers 2

• After receiving secondary sample (designated tube O.D,thread type and specifications, galvanized thickness, and logo laser etc.),customers will arrange a series of Salt spray test, blasting test & oil leakage test again.If confirmed the sample after test pass, the customer needs us to provide the test reports of this product conforming to product data before placing order.All of our products are in accordance with all ISO9001:2015 certificate of quality system and all of these documents prepared for customers checking.

Hydraulic Fitting For OEM Of Worldwide Customers 3

• We start to prepare the order materials and upload the order on our ERP system when customer confirm the sales contract and all the details,our production workshop will strictly follow customer orders for production including the products ,label, shipping mark etc provided by customer,we starts to arrange the master production,we undergo inspections in every production process.After all the goods finished,the customer arranges a third-party inspector to inspect the appearance, thread type and specification,the center distance,the diameter etc.We promise the packaging is same with customer requirement, master products are exactly the same as the final samples. The following photos of the master shipment, the passing rate of the third-party inspection of our company is 100%, no matter whether the inspector is well-known SGS, TUV, BV, etc.

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Hydraulic Fittings Are An Essential Component For Any Hydraulic System
The Packaging And Shipping Process Of Nj Hydraulic Adapter
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